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1: John Tarnoff on the Importance of Passion AND Process for Building a Business

1: John Tarnoff on the Importance of Passion AND Process for Building a Business
Margaret Manning

John Tarnoff is a passionate guy. As a media and entertainment executive, he cared deeply about helping companies to generate cultural change. Now, as a career development consultant, he is passionate about helping older entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. He also has an infectious personality. During our interview, I found myself getting swept up in his vision for the Boomer generation. He genuinely sees us as force to be reckoned with. I couldn’t agree more.

John’s transformation from business executive to entrepreneur started a long time ago. As he said, “I’m a project guy. I’m a builder.” But, while John has always had an entrepreneurial personality, it wasn’t until he was preparing to give a TedX talk that everything crystalized. Preparing for his speech, John came to the realization that, while Boomers are, in many ways, masters of change, most of us aren’t ready to make the transition to retirement. Or, put another way, perhaps the entire concept of “retirement” needed to be redefined. In the coming months, John set out on a mission to help Boomers to achieve their dreams, in work and in life. You can find out more about John and his work on his website.


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Listen to Our Interview Now and Discover:

  • Why “doing what you love” isn’t always enough
  • How to self-fund your business
  • Why jumping out of your day job may not be the best move
  • 3 tools that John says every entrepreneur should check out
  • The importance of story-telling in building a business
  • John’s essential reading for older entrepreneurs
  • Why list-building is so effective
  • 4 reasons older entrepreneurs hold all the cards
  • John’s advice for dealing with ageism
  • 2 things John wished he had known before starting a business

John’s Advice for Older Entrepreneurs

Few people know as much as John about what it takes to start a business after 50. After all, he’s made it his mission to help people of our generation to succeed. When I asked John what advice he would give to someone who is considering starting a business after 50, he gave a powerful response. “Don’t wait. Don’t worry. Start small. And, Start today.” You are almost certainly bound to fail many times on your road to success after 50. That’s ok. In fact, it’s a good thing. The only true mistake it to leave your dreams unrealized. The world needs your unique skills and passions. So, don’t hold them in. Get out there. Be authentic. Be a good listener. Most of all – Be yourself.

Did you enjoy my interview with John Tarnoff? Do you have any specific questions for John or I about starting a business after 50? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below or join the conversation in the Profit After 50 forum.



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