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2: Martin Pazzani on Riding a Tidal Wave of Demographic Change

2: Martin Pazzani on Riding a Tidal Wave of Demographic Change
Margaret Manning

Martin Pazzani is surfing a tidal wave. He sees a surge of Americans reaching retirement age and he wants to help them keep their bodies and brains in great shape. His business, Activate Brain and Body is a powerful example of how to create a mission based business that has the potential to make money, while doing good in the world.

Martin’s entrepreneurial journey started when he realized that his career in corporate, while successful, was no longer giving him the stimulation that he deserved. Craving more flexibility to take risks and think a bit, he left his corporate job behind and set out to change the way that people age. He says his mission is to “change the trajectory of aging.”

Talking with Martin, I was reminded of the many reasons that older entrepreneurs have a higher success rate than their younger counterparts. Like many entrepreneurs of our generation, Martin is successfully applying his experience, passion and perspective to solving the world’s toughest problems.. At the same time, Martin is honest about the challenges that older entrepreneurs face. You’re not going to want to miss his advice for how to deal with ageism in the investment community.

Martin is truly an inspiration and I’m sure that you are going to appreciate his candid advice on how to build the business of your dreams.


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Listen to Our Interview Now and Discover:

  • Why investors care about people first and ideas second
  • The importance of being willing to “pivot”
  • Martin’s perspective on getting funding for your idea
  • How to make marketing a part of your business story for investors
  • Why building a “community” is critical for online business owners
  • Why “perspective” is such a powerful asset for older entrepreneurs
  • How to deal with “ageism” in the investor community
  • 4 words that will kill your business before it gets started “I _ _ _ _  _ _ it!”
  • Why every entrepreneur should have mentors

Martin is living proof that life after 50 doesn’t need to be filled with compromises. He is taking care of his body, his life and his business – and you can do the same! In Martin’s own words, “You’re not too old. Forget what the generation before believed. It’s all about your attitude. Our generation has a history of reinventing businesses and processes and culture. Let’s continue that into our 60s and 70s. Let’s change the way that we view aging.”

Did you enjoy my interview with Martin Pazzani? Do you have any question for either Martin or myself? Please add them in the comments or join the conversation in the Profit After 50 forum.



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