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3: Lisa Copeland on Making Dating, and Business, Fun Again

3: Lisa Copeland on Making Dating, and Business, Fun Again
Margaret Manning

Lisa Copeland hates the fact that women after 50 suffer with dating and she’s on a mission to do something about it. As with many older entrepreneurs, Lisa’s idea for her business, Find A Quality Man, came from her own experience. After a devastating 2010, Lisa found herself questioning many aspects of her life. Her own personal journey to reinvention led her to an internet marketing coach, who gave her the confidence to get started on her own.

As Lisa would be the first to admit, her journey to startup success has not been easy. Despite what the online “gurus” might tell you, making money online (or offline for that matter) is neither “quick” nor “easy.” Lisa has worked her butt off since 2012 to make her dating business a success. Now, she has a best-selling book on Amazon, 2 coaching courses and a number of products.

In our interview, Lisa explains the practical steps that she took to become an expert and build her business. There are so many things that I love about Lisa, but, one of my favorites is the fact that she somehow manages to be practical and passionate at the same time. She is brutally honest about what it takes to start a business. As she said, “It took me a year just to learn the technology… (Building a business) takes a lot of patience. It’s going to take years.” At the same time, Lisa is a shining example that building a successful business around your passions is possible.


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Listen to Our Interview Now and Discover:

  • Why guest blogging and content syndication are so important
  • How writing a book can establish you as an expert
  • 2 advantages that older entrepreneurs have over their younger counterparts
  • 3 personality traits Lisa says all older entrepreneurs need to develop
  • The importance of being a life-long learner as a business owner
  • 2 reasons that “grit” is more important than “skills”
  • Why ignoring “well-intentioned” feedback is critical at the beginning
  • The importance of starting small now vs. waiting for perfection
  • The most important 4-letter word that every entrepreneur need to know
  • Why Aweber is Lisa’s favorite email provider + 5 other tools she loves
  • The one trick you can use to protect your privacy when registering a website

Like so many people in our community, Lisa took control of her life after 50 and is building a business that she can be proud of.

In her business, Lisa is proving that dating after 50 can be fun. To other entrepreneurs, she is living proof that life after 50 can be everything that you want it to be. So, as Lisa suggests – get started today, be in it for the long term and don’t forget to celebrate your wins.

Did you enjoy my interview with Lisa Copeland? What other questions do you have for Lisa and I? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below or join the conversation in the Profit After 50 forum.



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