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5 - Virginia Bell on Reaching for the Stars in Life and in Business

5 – Virginia Bell on Reaching for the Stars in Life and in Business
Margaret Manning

Virginia Bell reaches for the stars every day of her life. As a practitioner of Evolutionary Astrology, she helps people to understand themselves better so that they can make positive changes in their lives. As a business owner, Virginia combines her passion for astrology with her genuine desire to add value to her customers. She is a wonderful women, full or warmth, compassion and empathy.

As with many of the most interesting people that I have spoken with, Virginia’s path to entrepreneurial success was long and winding. After several ups and downs in the restaurant industry, Virginia knew that she was ready for a change. What she didn’t expect was that a simple gift from a friend would change the course of her life. The first time Virginia opened her new astrology book, she was hooked.

Now, years later, Virginia has built a profitable business around her passion for astrology. She gives readings, writes astrology articles and is working on a new book. I hope that you find Virginia’s story inspirational as you set out on your own path to build your dream business after 50.



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Watch Our Interview Now and Discover:

  • How Virginia created a profitable business around her passion for astrology
  • How a chance encounter with a dog led to a life-changing opportunity for Virginia
  • The importance of focusing on “adding value” and not just “doing what you love”
  • 3 ways that you can raise money to start a business in your 50s or beyond
  • The 3 personality traits that older entrepreneurs need to succeed
  • 4 ways Virginia uses content marketing and guest blogging to build credibility
  • 3 strategies that Virginia uses to increase recommendations from others
  • Why spending money on a coach may be the best investment that you make

Virginia’s Advice for Older Entrepreneurs

If you want to start a business after 50, Virginia has some advice. First, she says that entrepreneurs need to rethink “failure.” As she mentioned during our interview, “It’s just part of the process.” Second, she encourages older entrepreneurs to see their age as an advantage – after all, we have the wisdom, experience and passion to succeed. As she says, “Anything is possible at any age. It’s never too late to go after your dream, to fall in love, or, to start a business.”

Did you like my interview with Virginia? Do you think that “doing what you love” is enough? Or, do you agree with Virginia that you also need to focus on “adding value” every day? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below or join the conversation in the Profit After 50 forum.



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