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6 - Elizabeth Isele on Making Senior Entrepreneurship Work

6 – Elizabeth Isele on Making Senior Entrepreneurship Work
Margaret Manning

Elizabeth Isele is on a mission to change the way people think about older entrepreneurs. Not only has she dedicated her life to helping people over 50 to build businesses around their passions, but, she is also a passionate public policy advocate for issues that impact older entrepreneurs. In fact, she recently appeared at a Senate hearing in the U.S. to argue for increased support for seniors who want to start a business.

Elizabeth started in book publishing, helping other people to tell their stories. Now, as the founder of Senior Entrepreneurship Works, she is helping entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. Her company offers practical training programs, courses and workshops, specifically designed for older entrepreneurs. She is also living proof that starting a mission-based business can be profitable.



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Watch Our Interview Now and Discover:

  • Why making money is compatible with having a mission-based business
  • The importance of working on your pitch before approaching investors
  • Why “starting small” and keeping your costs low is a powerful strategy after 50
  • 2 reasons that older entrepreneurs are a great credit risk
  • 4 powerful advantages that older entrepreneurs have
  • Why older entrepreneurs are not as risk averse as people believe

Elizabeth’s Advice for Older Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth challenges several myths about older entrepreneurs. For example, she argues that, contrary to popular belief, most of us do not get more risk averse as we age. Instead, we are simply more careful about which opportunities we pursue, based on our experience, resources and skills.

She also recommends that we think about the financial structure of our ideas early on. After all, as she said during our interview, “No matter how important your mission is, unless you have money, nothing is going to happen.” Enjoy the show!

Did you enjoy my interview with Elizabeth? Do you agree with Elizabeth that building your network is essential to starting a successful business after 50? Please add your thoughts in the comments section below or join the conversation in the Profit After 50 forum.



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